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My wish list is long.

Even though I've only been doing amateur photography for two years, my camera-equipment-shopping-wish-list is long.

I wish I could afford to get a zoom lens, super-zoom lens, a macro lens and I've also been looking into wide angle and fisheye lenses. I've looked at filters, camera stands and even gimbles, however, fact is I only have one lens. And so I've been forced to do as much as I can with the lens and camera that I currently have.

Staying away from photo editing software is important to me and so the photos that I publish here on DeviantArt are originals. I want to work for my photos. 

I personally view photography as a form of "sculpting" and even though I bracket a lot, I take my time with every click of the shutter button. Yes I do bracket a huge amount but I always end up choosing and publishing photos with a certain type of white balance and light level.

Cloudy weather is a favourite and I despise taking photos during days when the sun irradiates the landscape. Sure, I've managed to snap of some nice ones during days with abundant sunlight but, I feel my patience level draining away quickly as sunlight plays with my white balance settings. So I'm never really able to relax long enough to get those great shots.

Monument by jakobhaq

This is why I usually hunt for objects to capture during days where light levels are low and as I mentioned above, preferably days with cloudy skies. This also means I have to make sure I carry something to eat so I don't get shaky hands from hunger.

Of course, low light levels equals longer shutter speeds, at least for me because I don't like changing my ISO at all. ISO stays at 100 and so longer exposure times is something I've had to learn to live with.

I always carry news papers in my bag so that I can cover the forest floor with em as I sit on my knees or lie down trying to capture a single mushroom forcing its way out of an old rotting tree trunk.

Now I don't own a camera stand, but even if I did I'd probably end up not using it. You see I've discovered something during these past two years. 

By holding my camera when taking my photos I get the slightest of motion blur with every click. And that really tiny amount of blur around object edges together with the slight "light blooming" effect makes my photos look a tad "dreamy". So even when If I could put my camera down and use a remote for snapping photos, I wouldn't. No, the camera stays in my hands and the thumb on the wheel constantly changing shutter speed and aperture.

Goldie by jakobhaq

Where am I going with all of this?

Well, I've only had one lens to work with. But the working with it has taught me a whole lot. I now feel I have a real grasp of the limits of my setup. And I've also learned how to make the most out of what I have. I'm able to do shots today that I couldn't have made with the same setup two years ago.

Thing is, I never let my frustration turn me away, I never gave up. Thanks to that I now have a story made out of photos of my development as an amateur photographer and the result is breathtaking, at least for me.

I've accomplished so much and I am left wondering what my photo story will look like in another two years. Can I really get better at this?

Thank you for reading my slow paced droolings dear reader.

--My equipment--
Camera: Nikon D5100
Lens: Sigma EX 17-50mm f/2,8 DC OS HSM